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Guiding Principles of the BSL

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In the 1959 Annual Report, Father Gerard Tucker - founder of the Brotherhood of St Laurence - laid out a rationale for voluntary organisations in general, but for the BSL in particular Tucker_Why_Voluntary_Organisations_1959.pdf



The Brotherhood of St Laurence Incorporation Act (1971) came into force on 30 November 1971, dissolving St Laurence Trust Proprietary Limited and St Laurence Industries Pty. Limited and establishing the Brotherhood of St Laurence as a Body Corporate, a legal entity. [1]BSL_Legal_Incorporation_Memo_1971.pdf BSL_Act_No.8188_1971.pdf



BSL prepared a statement containing "Affirmations ... to clarify the BSL's ideas about society and the ways in which the Brotherhood can most effectively contribute to social progress".  [2]BSL_Background_&_Affirmations_1974-4.pdf



Publication of Caring and sharing: a statement of the Brotherhood's values and organising principles [3]Caring_&_Sharing_BSL_Principles_1980-4-10.pdf



A revised version of the 1980 document was published in January: The Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Caring and Sharing Society Caring_&_Sharing_BSL_Principles_1983-1.pdf



Bishop Michael Challen, as Executive Director, spoke to staff at Orientation sessions about the Brotherhood and their role in its mission Challen_to_Staff_Orientation_v1_1991.pdf



Following the completion of the Directions 2000 report, Bishop Michael Challen revised his presentation to staff Orientation days Challen_to_Staff_Orientation_v2_1993.pdf



3 frameworks from the Directions 2000 report (Charter, Guiding Principles for service involvement, Criteria for service involvement) applied to all existing and proposed activities Directions2000_OperatingPrinciples_&_Charter1994.pdf



The Directions 2000 exercise was revisited in 1998 and the report Beyond 2000: a stocktake of the Brotherhood of St Laurence contained a revised statement of the Operating Charter and a new merged statement of Guiding Principles and Decision Criteria for Service Participation  Operating_Charter_&_Principles_1998.pdf



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  1. Victorian Brotherhood of St Laurence (Incorporation) Act No. 8188, 1971. For the background to this new Act of Incorporation see the memorandum of Peter Hollingworth to all staff on 1 December 1971 [BSL_Legal_Incorporation_Memo_1971.pdf]. For the inaugural Act see [BSL_Incorporation_Act_1971-11-30.pdf]
  2. BSL Annual Report 1972-1973 p.1 (no numbering) [BSL_Background_&_Affirmations_1974-4.pdf]
  3. Brotherhood Action June 1982 (No.241) [Caring_&_Sharing_BSL_Principles_1980-4-10.pdf]. See also [Caring_&_Sharing_Society &_BSL_1983-1.pdf]

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