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Brotherhood shops (Opportunity shops)

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First shop auxiliary formed in Fitzroy and conducts first Brotherhood shop in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy  [1] 




First “Op shop" opened in Gertrude Street in September 1938, later transferred to Brunswick Street.  (1936 acc. to 1952 Annual Report, but 1937-Holden Check other sources - Brotherhood Notes? )



Fr Tucker opened a shop (with his office upstairs) at 49 Royal Arcade, Melbourne.



Two Brotherhood Shops are in operation - the Fitzroy Clothing Shop and the Opportunity Shop in Royal Arcade in the City, which sells donated articles including a large quantity of goods hand-made by BSL friends.  “A considerable business is also done through a voluntary helper in the sale and exchange of postage stamps.” [2]



First mention of the 9 suburban Opportunity Shops (no locations given) [3] 



St Laurence Op Shop Auxiliary formed and first Geelong BSL Op Shop opened.



Opportunity shops rebranded as Brotherhood shops 


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  1. present year (1952) is the sixteenth of the (Fitzroy Clothing) shop’s existence, and it was a record year, yielding over £1,800.” BSL Annual Report 1951-1952
  2. BSL Annual Report 1952 pp.20-21
  3. BSL Annual Report 1957-1958 p.11. See entry for BSL Annual Report 1959-1960, p.11 (no numbering)

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