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The Brotherhood decided to close the social work service in Broadmeadows in March and offered to support the Broadmeadows Welfare Advisory Committee by paying the salary of a community development worker in the area for a two-year period.  The aim was to help develop programs which are indigenous and for which local people are responsible.   "In our involvement in Broadmeadows we are examining how best the resources of centrally based welfare agencies like the Brotherhood can be shared with areas that are seriously deficient in community resources." []


Albert van Moorst appointed as a youth worker in Broadmeadows with the aim of developing self-sustaining local leadership on a family basis.  He worked through community organisations to establish contact with families and form groups each consisting of several families sharing leisure and spare time activities.  Four six-day camps took groups of young people to the Grampians, Big River, Tarwin River and Wilson’s Promontory.  This program began in September for three years, funded by the Leith Trust. [2]




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