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Dimopoulos, Joanna

  • Commenced as Director - Employment Opportunities on 13 November 2000


Donne, Joanne

After joining the Victorian HIPPY Committee (Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters) set up in 1995, the BSL obtained funding to test HIPPY in multicultural inner-Melbourne.  First part-time HIPPY coordinator appointed (Joanne Donne) & visited New Zealand to see their program in operation. [1]  HIPPY_Beginning_in_Action_Spring1997.pdf


  1. Brotherhood Action Autumn 1997 no 299 p.2 (no numbering). [HIPPY_Beginning_in_Action_Spring1997.pdf]. See "HIPPY Implementation and Research in Australia: Progress and Prospect", Suzanne Dean, Cynthia Leung, Tim Gilley and Jacqueline Grady, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2003 (BSL Library 372.210994 DEA)

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