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Benn, Concetta (Connie)  (1963?-1981) 


Concetta "Connie" Benn AM (12 December 1926 – 18 March 2011) (née Megna) was an Australian social worker. Born in Melbourne to a family of Italian migrants, Benn is best known for her work with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and created a new theory of social work called developmental approach. She was the first Research Officer for the Leader of the Opposition in the state of Victoria where she helped bring in amendments to the state's Social Welfare Act. In her retirement she accepted positions for various organisations.

Connie Benn was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1995, and was added to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women seven years later.
[Source: Wikipedia]


In October 1963, the BSL was part of an interim committee that produced a draft proposal for “An Agency For Homeless Men”.   This document was written by Connie Benn who was working at the Citizens Welfare Service of Victoria at the time.


Appointed of head of the Family Centre Project. (1973 - 1975).

Concetta Benn was appointed as a member of the Commonwealth Government’s Migration Task Force headed by the Minister for Immigration, Mr A.J. Grassby (1973).[1]


1975 Took study leave at the end of 1975 on an Australian Government post-graduate award in order to work for a Master of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne.


1977 Appointed as BSL’s Director of Social Policy, Research & Innovations. (1977 - 1981).


1981 13 November, Mrs Concetta (Connie) Benn left the position of head of the Social Policy & Research Department to head the School of Social Work at Phillip Institute of Technology (now RMIT Bundoora).

2011 - died[2]


Obituary:  Tough, caring reformer in social justice / Mary Draper, Sydney Morning Herald, June 20, 2011.


Bound, Graeme -  


Appointed Executive Officer of the Peninsula Division 1983.

Appointed Executive Officer of the Geelong Division in September 1985.

St Laurence Community Services (Barwon) Inc. was established as an independent agency from 1 July 1996 with all of the former services and staff of the BSL's Barwon region and with Graeme Bound continuing as the CEO.  The Brotherhood continued to be represented on the Board of Management for five years. [3]


Britten, (Gweneth) Mary 12-10-1913 - 26-9-2011


MARY Britten, who was a prominent lay worker in the Anglican Church and the first woman to be nominated a member of diocesan council by the former archbishop Frank Woods, has died in an aged care facility at Coleraine. She was 97.

Forced by circumstance to enter the workforce to educate her two daughters after the death of her husband, Mervyn, the archdeacon of Geelong, in 1959 at age 57, she was first manager of the St Mark's Opportunity Shop in Camberwell, and then supervisor of the Brotherhood of St Laurence's Royal Arcade shop in Elizabeth Street. In both positions she displayed a rare capacity to recruit and motivate teams of volunteers. Source: "Agile mind played key role in church." By James Grant, Sydney Morning Herald 14 November, 2011 [extract]


Brooke, Neville


1958 Neville Brooke first came to the Brotherhood in 1958 in response to a challenge from Fr Tucker. He became the first administrator of St Laurence Park, Lara.  


1967 he was appointed Director of Aged Services. In that time he was responsible for a range of service developments at Lara, Carrum Downs, Frankston, and for the establishment of all our hostels in those places and also at Clifton Hill and Fitzroy.

After this work was completed he was appointed Director of income Development and Public Relations.


1969 The Associate Director of Services for the Aged, Neville Brook, went on a 10-week fact finding tour to New Zealand, the USA, England and Sweden, identifying by contrast with overseas that Victoria's lack of coordination in overall planning is a key problem leading to duplication of services and confusion for those the services are meant to help.


1970 Neville Brooke, Associate Director, Services for the Aged, went on an overseas study tour to inspect geriatric services, leading to an evaluation of the Brotherhood’s services for the aged.


1983 resigned from Brotherhood of St Laurence to move into a new field. He continued to be a Charter Memberof BSL until November 2008.


Brown, Jill


A research/welfare worker with the Brotherhood of St Laurence's Family Centre Project in inner Melbourne.  "It was during this time that I first became aware of the power of language in either limiting or extending people's lives." 


Buchanan, Bruce

Mr Buchanan joined the Brotherhood in May 1961 as an accountant, then from November 1962 as Secretary and Director. Mr. Buchanan was directly responsible for administration of Carrum Downs, the Brotherhood settlement for active elderly; Carinya, the hospital home for frail aged; Keble Court block of flats; Morven, the holiday home at Mornington; and the always important salvage division. He was also a representative on the board controlling Lara, the other Brotherhood home for active elderly. He was one of the two working directors of the Brotherhood, the other being David Scott.[4]

In 1974 Bruce Buchanan went on extended leave to work in an adminstrative capacity with the Queensland Flood Relief in Brisbane. Alwyn Hind fille the gap left by Bruce and joined BSL in May 1974 as Finance Controller.[5] 

August 1975 farewell party for Bruce.[6]


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