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Woods, Frank Dr -

Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Frank Woods, established The Church of England Social Service Advisory Council with the purpose of consulting on areas and problems of common concern, advising the Archbishop in matters relating to the social welfare of the Church, coordinating action as required and strengthening the social service of the Church.  (The Brotherhood of St Laurence became a member) (1959) [1]



Wilson, John 

Acting Executive Director 2003 - 2004.

Board member who oversaw the transition period between Nicholas Frances and Tony Nicholson


Wise, John

Appointed as Director of Community Services on 01/09/1986.  In October 1990 Community Services directorate was abolished and it's duties were absorbed into the Metropolitan Region with John Wise appointed as the Regional Manager.  Exit date from BSL 03/05/1996



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  1. Helen M. Hughes A Survey of Anglican Social Work Agencies, The Church of England Social Service Advisory Council 1967, Pt.1 p.1 [Hughes_AnglicanSocWelfareAgencies_section1_1967.pdf]

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