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Hawke, Hazel


Hazel Hawke began as a volunteer with ARC and progressed to being a part-time worker for three years before taking a full-time role as personal assistant and secretary to the then Associate Director and head of the Social Issues and Research Department.ARC_in_Hazel_Hawke_to NatPressClub_1984-1-26.pdf



Worked at EMC as a social work student placement from Caulfield Institute, worked with the Turkish unit on community development issues in 1980. She became EMC's patron and lend support to the fundraising development program in 1983  [1]



'Promise the Children' - Action on Child Poverty, a major national campaign was launched by Hazel Hawke, wife of the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke.  The campaign was run in conjunction with the Councils of Social Service throughout Australia (early May)  [1] Promise_the_Children_Campaign_Launch_in_Action_1989-6.pdf



Hazel Hawke, then wife of the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (and former Brotherhood staff member), launched her autobiography My Own Life at a luncheon in aid of the Brotherhood at Melbourne's Hilton on the Park (13 November)[2]



Funds from the launch of Reflections on Marriage, a book by Hazel Hawke (formerly married to ex-Prime Minister Bob Hawke) went to the Brotherhood's Family Support Counselling programs.  (For a brief biography of Hazel Hawke see http://john.curtin.edu.au/hawkeh/about_hh.html )



Hazel Hawke died 23 May 2013


Hay, Sister Joyce -

Employed to work with ‘problem families’ (1947) for the Problem Tenant project as a Housing Officer.

Extract from the St Laurence Trust Pty Board minutes 14/01/1947: "The Board also approved of the appointment of Sister Joyce Hay to the staff of the BSL at a salary of £325 pa to commence as from  10/03/1947"


Hills, Sandra

  • Commenced as Director -Aged & Community Care on 20 November 2000


Hollingworth, Peter -

  • In 1955, University students accepted a challenge from the Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Sambell, Director of the Brotherhood, “to come out of the university and meet the world” and took part in an intensive course introducing them to people and their “social problems”. Amongst this group of students was a 1st year Arts student – Peter Hollingworth.
  •  In November 1989 resigned as Bishop in the Inner City and took up the role of Bishop for Community Care
  • The Reverend Peter Hollingworth joins the BSL as Chaplain in 1964, “responsible for all Youth and Old People’s work at Fitzroy”.  On taking up the position he was appointed as Director of Youth and Children's Work, with responsibilities including the Children’s CentreCoolibah Club and Youth Centre.   (He began the two-year Youth Leadership Course with the Social Welfare Department in 1965).
  • In 1967,The Chaplain, Father Peter Hollingworth, received funding from an anonymous donor to undertake a six-month overseas study tour with his family, visiting Indonesia, India, Israel, Western Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.    Reports were published in The Brotherhood News. 
  • Peter Hollingworth, Associate Director of Social Services, instituted as parish priest of St Mark’s Fitzroy on 13 November 1970.  Brotherhood Research became a separate department under the direction of Associate Director, Revd Peter Hollingworth, with Mrs Judith O’Neill as Senior Research Officer.
  • Establishment of the Social Issues Department, grouping together research, social action and community education activities, headed by Peter Hollingworth (1973).
  • In 1980, David Scott relinquished the position of Executive Director on 1 February after 10 years and accepted the role of Social Issues Associate. Rev. Peter Hollingworth was appointed as Executive Director.
  • 1984, saw Canon Peter Hollingworth appointed Bishop in the Inner-City in addition to his work as Executive Director of the Brotherhood. 
  • In 1985,  Bishop Peter Hollingworth was awarded the Rostrum Victoria Award of Merit for 1985, which recognises an individual who in the judgement of Rostrum Victoria has been an outstanding communicator.
  • Peter Hollingworth appointed by Federal Minister for Housing to chair National Committee of Non-Government Organisations to review existing housing programs and identify emerging needs as preparation for the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. (1986).
  • Bishop Peter Hollingworth was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Monash University during its Silver Jubilee celebrations.  The citation recognised his work with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Anglican Church on behalf of the disadvantaged members of the community. (1986).
  • National Committee of Non-Government Organisations (Peter Hollingworth, chair), following consultations, produced recommendations on housing policies for the Federal Government (1988).
  • Bishop Peter Hollingworth, having been appointed as Chairman of the new Division of Community Care, resigned from his position as Bishop for the Inner City and was then appointed as Bishop for Community Care, responsible for the Episcopal oversight of chaplains and welfare agencies (1988).
  • 1990, Bishop Hollingworth elected as Archbishop of Brisbane, resigned as Executive Director after 25 years at the BSL.  The official farewell took place in Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne, on 1 April.  Bill Ford took up the role of Acting Executive Director until the arrival of Bishop Michael Challen in January.


Huggins, Philip (Bishop)

Appointed to the Board in November 2004. Appointed Chair in December 2005. Re-appointed in December 2010. Tenure ceased in December 2014.[3]


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  2. Fitz-News Issue 39 (sic), 23 September 1992 p.1; Brotherhood Action Spring 1992 p.2
  3. BSL Annual Report 2014 p28, Building Better Lives December 2014 Issue 57 p1

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University studies Commenced the diploma of Social Studies 1964, completing it 1970 followed by Master of Arts in Social Work completed in 1980.[ Entry on a two year diploma of Youth Studies not correct.] Awarded O.B.E 1976 for services to the community and A.O 1988 for services to religion and community

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