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Lawrence, Reginald

Layman, Former Navy man, Joined the Brotherhood to take charge of St Francis' hostel for single men after studying unsuccessfully for ministry, made head of laymen's section 1934. First lay member of chapter 1935, regarded by Tucker as suitable for priesthood without ThL, resumed studies sponsored by Bishop Ash but before completing them resigned in 1936 to get married (Handfield, J 1980 Friends and Brothers, p. 166). 


He was described in the book God and Three Shillings as" tireless Brother Reginal Lawrence, head of the laymen. A former Navy man, Lawrence could deal with any of the Brotherhood's guests, drunk or sober. He rose soon after 5am to cook breakfast for nearly 100 men, this chore being only the preliminary to a long and exacting day which included housework of the most menial kind, his practical Christianity displayed in deed more than word" (Carter 1967,  God and Three Shillings)



Lees, Judith


A member of the Brotherhood's Family Services Development Unit ( was seconded one-and-a-half days per week over four months to offer family counselling at the Mill Park Community House.  The aim was to assess the problems in that area and to compare the needs with neighbouring Lalor where the Whittlesea Family Services were located.


Lenneberg, Cornelia (Conny) 


Commenced as The Brotherhood's 10th Executive Director on 22 January 2018. Resigned February 2021. 

With 25 years' experience in the development and social justice sector, ranging from service delivery in the field to leading large teams and senior executive and board roles. She led World Vision International's organisation and programs in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for more than six years and has also served as a senior manager at Australian Volunteers International. 

Her record of embracing challenges and complex assignments overseas includes framing responses to the Syria crisis, community development in Afghanistan, and humanitarian work in Aceh, Indonesia, in the 2004 tsunami aftermath. In Australia, her achievements include enabling partnerships with indigenous communities, government and business to build program strengths in Central Australia and the Pilbara.


As a key board member of Community Aid Abroad, as it was then known, she also contributed to the critical organisational restructure and merger with Freedom from Hunger that led to the formation of Oxfam Australia. Conny has a Master of Arts (Research) from La Trobe University, a background that reinforces her commitment to seeking out the best evidence to frame solutions for complex social challenges in the community.


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