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Service areas - Children and Families

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The Brotherhood cares for the needs of both children and parents, working alongside families to help them be strong, healthy and happy. Over the years, much has been done to alleviate poverty and social isolation for Children and their Families.  This section looks in deatil at the most innovative work in this area.


Action Resource Centre (1976 - 1997)

Camps (1948 - 1997)

Childrens centre (1952 - 1987)

Childrens club (1950 - 1955)

Family Centre Project (From 1971 - 1975.  Then became the Action Resource Centre)

Family day care (1971 -curent)

Family planning (1966 - 1972)

Homework program (1990 - current)

Napier St (Limurru).

Sharing centre  -  Food cooperative

Social Service Centre (From 1943 - 1971. Then became the Family Centre Project)



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