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Children & Families 

Research began on a second study on families in Housing Commission flats as a "response to assertions which were largely unfounded and socially denigrating about the attitudes of tenants to high rise-flats".  [1]  This was completed in 1996 and published in 1967 as High Living: A Study of Family Life in Flats (Anne Stevenson, Elaine Martin & Judith O'Neil). [2]



Community Issues

The BSL & Staff Community Aid Abroad Group sent £200 to Tanganyika to equip a new community development centre and provided £100 for a Social Studies Student (Brigitte Coulthurst) to make a study of how social workers are employed in India. [3]



Fundraising & Resources 

The annual Winter Appeal was launched by David Scott on 8 June. See this link for the report in The Age  http://preview.tinyurl.com/22kbj2u 


Forgotten People Appeal to extend Brotherhood social services, only the second public appeal run by the Brotherhood, ran from  24 November to 24 December and was launched by the Governor.  (See http://preview.tinyurl.com/284vaq5 ). BSL News Bulletin December 1964 & BSL News Bulletin October 1964 Over 80,000 letters were sent out asking for donations.  Thirty-nine leading businessmen formed a special Industry Committee, writing personal notes to other companies asking for their support for the Appeal. The target was £75,000 to help finance five projects - additional accommodation at Carrum Downs and St Laurence Park, Lara; an annexe to provide more beds at Carinya (many chronically ill people were being turned away); a research program into social welfare needs of the community; a visiting and occupational scheme for the "shut-in" elderly and physically handicapped people; and a permanent youth camp for young people from the inner suburbs. Forgotten People Appeal Brochure.  The "1200 Club" was part of this appeal, aiming to raise £12,000 from 1200 people giving £10 each (most raised by holding functions) towards obtaining the youth camp. See Brochure  (See http://preview.tinyurl.com/28zyheq[4]


In association with the "Forgotten People" Appeal the BSL held a "Victorian Princess Quest".  (See http://preview.tinyurl.com/2dmtxjy )  


Auxiliaries supporting the BSL were:  Box Hill, Bright, Brighton, Camberwell, Caulfield/Armadale, Cheltenham-Mordialloc, City Shop, Dandenong & District, Fitzroy, Fortunas, Geelong, Glen Iris, Harrietville, Heidelberg, Koonung, Malvern, Melbourne Younger Set, Mornington, Ormond, Preston, Ringwood, Sunshine, Wangaratta, Warrandyte.  Fundraising events covered a broad range, including Yoga demonstrations and "chicken & champagne luncheon followed by a card party" (see http://preview.tinyurl.com/26sey9q & http://preview.tinyurl.com/2cxogxx ). [5]



Material & Financial support 

The Social Service Bureau was providing between £300 and £400 per month in financial relief (despite the Victorian Government’s scheme). [[6]  The amount of aid distributed by the Social Service Bureau in 1964 was a record £4,785 [7] (See this article for an indication of the scope of a Social Worker's day at the Brotherhood  Day_of_Social_Worker_1964-9.pdf )


The annual Christmas toy sale was held in a hall lent by St. Luke's, North Fitzroy, with volunteers including girls from Firbank.  [8]



Organisational aspects (BSL) 


BSL_Annual_Report_1963-1964.pdf   BSL_Annual_Report_1964-1965.pdf


The Reverend Peter Hollingworth joined the BSL as Chaplain, "responsible for all Youth and Old People's work at Fitzroy".  On taking up the position he was appointed as Director of Youth and Children's Work, with responsibilities including the Children’s Centre, Coolibah Club and Youth Centre[[9] (He began the two-year Youth Leadership Course with the Social Welfare Department in 1965) [10]


Reassessment of the practice and thinking of the Social Service Bureau, given the departure of three social workers to interstate and overseas and the appointment of a Chaplain.   [11]


Derek Pearse appointed Country Organiser for the Brotherhood.  His work entailed "spreading knowledge of (the BSL’s) activities throughout Victoria by the use of films and addresses to meetings of local organisations.  He (was also) responsible for organising the periodic country and suburban collection drives for used clothing and household goods."   [[12]


The BSL's Staff Bulletin was reintroduced from October, with David Scott and Graeme Hyde responsible for the monthly publication.  [13]


The Brotherhood had 14 separate departments in 1964, participants in the three-day Staff Orientation Course discovered in their visits to the various Brotherhood activities.  [14]



Presentations & Publications 

Publication of High Rents and Low Incomes: Housing Problems of Low Income Families (Elaine Martin).  It reported that low-income families (those on social service benefits and those living on less than £1,000 per year) "especially those with two or more children, have almost no hope of finding suitable accommodation on the current housing market at a price which they can afford, either through purchase or rental". [15]



Young People 

The Friday night "Rock Dance" in the BSL’s Fitzroy Youth Centre  "has been running for two years … and is the only one to have lasted that long in Fitzroy.  Every six weeks small groups of boys go away on weekend camps with the leaders … the most important means we have of moulding group cohesion and developing a sense of co-operation."  [16]


A group of Wesley College boys moved into "Morven" in Mornington for 8 days while they undertook a variety of jobs ranging from painting and general maintenance to construction work under the direction and supervision of local tradesmen.  [17]


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phollingworth@telstra.com said

at 3:56 pm on Mar 9, 2011

With BSL assistance,Peter Hollingworth commenced the Diploma of Social Studies course at Melbourne University in 1964 undertaking a subject each year and finally completing all fieldwork placements in 1970. It was Greme Bull the Senior Youth Worker who undertook the new Youth Work Diploma from 1966 funded by the Leith Trust. He was the first of several youth workers to be supported in this way.

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