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Children & Families 

BSL Board requested that Limurru be reassessed in terms of its appropriateness in meeting the needs of low income families living in Fitzroy


Pilot Occasional Care service begins at 124 Napier Street (Uniting Church premises adjoining Limurru) alongside Parent Activities, becoming a permanent program in October 1986. [1]  


Community Issues 

BSL continued to support the Carlton Community Milk Bar, which opened on 18 February 1986 to provide a reasonably-priced food shop in the area. [2]  


Employment & Training 

The Employment Development Unit (forerunner of the Employment Action Centre - EAC) was established with the brief to develop and implement a number of employment initiatives. [3]


The BSL supported the Fitzroy Learning Exchange based at the office at Limurru, complementing the orientation of the adults' program at Limurru[4]  


Fundraising & Resources 

The Peninsula Donated Goods Division received the gift of a bale press worth $5,000 from Lyco Industries, a Beaufort family business which made industrial presses.  This was to be used to compress rags and other materials to be sent to Third World countries for recycling (most rags were sent overseas, although some were sold locally as industrial wipers).  [5]


BSL Peninsula Division launched on 15 September the first major appeal in the Peninsula Region for $600,000 with aim of supporting major redevelopment of cottages and the Resident Activity Centre at the G.K. Tucker Settlement, and the new Material Aid Centre in Frankston.  Appeal Patron - Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, with the Mayor of Frankston, Councillor David Triplow as Appeal chairman. [6]Peninsula_Region_Appeal_1986-9.pdf 


G.K. Tucker Settlement Redevelopment Appeal in December passed the $700,000 mark, including $100,000 from the R.E. Ross Trust.  [7] Appeal newsletter.


The Fitzroy shop closed in March. [8] 


The  Mornington auxiliary closed after many years of support of the Brotherhood. [9] 


Material & Financial support 

BSL report into the provision of emergency relief in Western Port Stretched to the Limit (carried out by Robyn Souter) led to the decision to fund a community-managed regional coordination project for 2 years [10]


Fitzroy Material Aid has a shop attached to the service selling new goods at a subsidised price 20% below the factory price (linen, pillows, blankets, doonas, electrical goods, baby clothes, runners, children’s school shoes).


The new Western Port Material Aid service opened in Kookaburra Street, Frankston (formerly the BSL's furniture sales site) to serve disadvantaged people & families in the Western Port region (13 municipalities and shires) in December.  Based on the Fitzroy service - set up as a shop and operating on a minimal level of screening and assessment or users - access is to all residents of the region holding a pension or benefits card, low income earners, or those in financial crisis due to situations such as excessive private rental costs or sickness. In addition to used clothing and furniture, the service managed a small shop selling some essential new goods at wholesale prices. [11]BSL_Income_Supplementation_Services_1972-1996.pdf Material_Aid_Frankston_1986-12.pdf


The Brotherhood set up the Community Buying Advisory Service funded by the Brotherhood and the Victorian Government to help people get the best values and prices on household goods.  Staff then helped establish a fridge and washing machine refurbishing program, funded by the Victorian Government's Community Employment Program.  The machines were sold at a small profit to customers who were referred by welfare agencies and who were all on low incomes. [12]Community_Buying_Advisory_Service_1986-2.pdf 


Older People 

Coolibah Club membership increased to 192 people with an average of 60 people each day  (hot midday meal served every day). [13]


The garden at Millott House, along with the positive nature of the accommodation, was a feature of the Brotherhood's boarding house (now known as "independent living") for older people in Fitzroy.  [14]Millott_House_InnerCityRetreat_1986-6.pdf 


Organisational aspects (BSL) 

Peter Hollingworth appointed by Federal Minister for Housing to chair National Committee of Non-Government Organisations to review existing housing programs and identify emerging needs as preparation for the 1987 International Year of Shelter for the Homeless [15]


Alison McClelland (Senior Policy Officer) invited to take part in the Federal Social Security Review as a member of the Advisory Committee [16] 


The 30th annual meeting of the Brotherhood's Auxiliaries and Volunteers was held at the Masonic Centre, East Melbourne on 17 November, with Dame Phyllis Frost as the guest speaker. [17]


Following a decision of the BSL Board, membership of the Brotherhood was increased at the 1986 AGM (25 November) from 15 to 25 members and two members of staff were elected to the Membership and to the Board (Alison McClelland, Owen Taylor).   "The expanded membership provides a valuable opportunity for people who have made a significant contribution in the life of church and community to be associated in a special way with the Brotherhood, to maintain its traditions of service and justice and also to help promote the work of the Brotherhood in new directions." [18] 



Peter Allen, with the Brotherhood since 1978 and Director of Social Policy & Research since 1981, left the BSL to become Manager – Policy Development within the Victorian Department of Human Services.  [19]

Paul Heinrich, BSL's Media Officer, resigned to work with the State Government’s media unit with special responsibility for promoting the Social Justice Program.  [20]

Bishop Peter Hollingworth was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Monash University during its Silver Jubilee celebrations.  The citation recognised his work with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Anglican Church on behalf of the disadvantaged members of the community.  [21]

Winifred Rogers, one of the early workers of the Brotherhood, Father Tucker's "offsider" for many years, broadcaster and manager of the Malvern shop died in September.  [22]


Presentations & publications 

Peter Hollingworth's Australians in Poverty (1979) was included on the HSC English syllabus under the topic People and Power and the Brotherhood's Schools Program was extended to include a special kit for teachers and students studying this option.  [23]


The Federal government's announcement in May of the de-regulation of mortgage rates led the Brotherhood to comment on the anticipated impact.  [24]Mortgage_Rates_De-regulation_1986-6.pdf


56th Foundation Festival at Christ Church, South Yarra on 7 December.  This incorporated the 6th Sambell Oration: Parish piety and public pragmatism given by Bishop Michael Challen


Publications included:

  • Social and Community Services: The Workforce – Who are they? [25]Social_&_Cty_Services_Workforce_&_EEO_1986.pdf
  • Social and Community Services: Achieving Equal Employment Opportunities [26]
  • Welfare Rights: a model for Victoria Charles Livingstone.  This research report pointed to the need for coordinated assistance and support for consumers of income security services, and for substantial change in the operations of the Department of Social Security. [27] 


Young People 


In 1986 over two thousand students from one hundred schools, both private and public, visited the Brotherhood through the Schools Program coordinated by Mark Sawers, looking at poverty and social issues. [28]


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