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Janet Taylor

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Janet started work as senior research officer at the Brotherhood in 1988 when Bishop Peter Hollingworth was the Executive Director. The Brotherhood’s Research and Policy Centre (then known as the Social Policy and Research Centre) was lead by Jan Carter who had been Director since 1985. There were six research and policy staff plus several administrative staff. Two of the major focuses of SPRC's work at that time were child poverty and youth homelessness. For most of the 1990s the Brotherhood was led by Bishop Michael Challen, with the research centre renamed as ‘Social Action and Research’ headed by Alison McClelland. Janet was principal research officer or research coordinator, alongside a policy coordinator. From the early 2000s Janet chose to concentrate primarily on doing research and stepped back from the research management role. Her major projects until she retired in 2014 were: Refugees and Social Exclusion & The Life Chances Study.



See also: Reflections on 26 years of research at the Brotherhood of St Laurence [file attached]



1. Women’s use of community services Taylor, Janet 1990, Giving women voice: feminism and community services, Research for Action No. 1, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne.

2. Children leaving state care Taylor, Janet 1990, Leaving care and homelessness, Child Poverty Policy Review No. 5, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. 

3. Children of immigrants and poverty Taylor, Janet & MacDonald, Helen 1992, Children of immigrants: issues of poverty and disadvantage, Bureau of Immigration Research, AGPS, Canberra.

4. Poverty issues and measurement Taylor, Janet 1993, ‘Aboriginal Australians and poverty : issues of measurement’, Family Matters 35 August pp.46-47.

5. Health Care for Children Project Taylor, Janet 1994, ‘Access to health care for children in low-income families’, Australian Journal of Public Health, vol.18 no.1 pp.111-113.

6. The Life Chances Study Stages 1 to 5 Gilley, Tim & Taylor, Janet 1995, Unequal lives? Low income and life chances of three year olds, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet 1996, ‘Issues of paid employment for mothers of young children’, Women and Work (DEETYA), vol. 17, no. 3, November pp. 12-18. Taylor, Janet 1997, Kids and kindergarten: access to preschools in Victoria, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet & MacDonald, Fiona 1998, Life at six: life chances and beginning school, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. The Life Chances Study commenced in 1990 with interviews with 167 mothers of children born in inner Melbourne. It was planned as a longitudinal study to explore poverty and disadvantage for children growing up in the 1990s. Tim Gilley was the project manager for the first three stages. Janet Taylor was involved in the initial planning of the project, ongoing advice and in the interviewing. She co-authored the report of the Stage 3. She also wrote separate reports on children of immigrants (see above) and of employment issues. She became the project manager of stage 4 and subsequent stages. (Funding (Stages 1 to 5) from Bureau of Immigration Research, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, George Adams Estate, Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services) The Life Chances film was made in 1994, an SBS documentary of seven of the families. Janet Taylor and Tim Gilley worked as consultants with the film makers.

7. Employment barriers for young people in NESB families Taylor, Janet 1995, Employment barriers for second generation young people of non-English speaking background, Report to the Victorian Department of Business and Employment. (unpublished)

8. The Understanding Poverty Project Taylor, Janet 2000, Australian conceptions of poverty: reviewing the literature, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet 2000, Poverty in Australia: listening to decision makers, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Johnson, Jeannette & Taylor, Janet 2000, Growing apart: a new look at poverty in Australia, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne.

9. Poverty on the fringe Taylor, Janet & Jope, Sally 2001, Poverty on the metropolitan fringe, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne.

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12. Life Chances stages 7 to 10 – school engagement and early school leaving Taylor, Janet & Nelms, Lucy 2006, School engagement and life chances: 15 year olds in transition, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet & Nelms, Lucy 2008, Life chances at 16, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet 2009, Stories of early school leaving: pointers for policy and practice, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet and Gee, Nina 2010, Turning 18: pathways and plans, Life Chances Study stage 9, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet, Borlagdan, J & Allan, Malita 2012, Turning 21: life chances and uncertain transitions, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne. Taylor, Janet 2014, Life Chances: stories of growing up in Australia, Federation Press, NSW.

13. Towards new indicators of disadvantage Saunders, P, Naidoo Y & Griffiths, M with the assistance of Davidson, P (ACOSS), Hampshire, A, Taylor, J, Bellamy, J & King. S 2007, Towards new indicators of disadvantage: deprivation and social exclusion in Australia, Social Policy Research Centre, University of NSW, Sydney. ARC grant partnership project led by Peter Saunders, Social Policy Research Centre, exploring indicators of poverty, using focus groups, and surveys of service users and the general public. 

Various chapters:

Taylor, Janet & Challen, Michael, 1998, ‘Voices of poverty’ in Australian poverty: then and now, (eds) Ruth Fincher & John Nieuwenhuysen, Melbourne University Press. 

Taylor, Janet 2002, ‘Unemployment and family life’ in P Saunders & R Taylor (eds), The price of prosperity: the economic and social coast of unemployment, University of New South Wales Press, Sydney. 

Taylor, Janet 2003, ‘The health of children’ in P Liamputtong & H Gardner (eds), Health, Social Change and Communities, Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 

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